New strategy developed by WMR Media

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WMR Media has developed a process to improve AdSense revenue via scaled Google Ads campaigns.

This strategy is designed for clients looking to run 24/7 YouTube Channel campaigns over a longer time span.

Strategy Background
Based on our extensive YouTube Ads experience

We have built thousands of Google Ads campaigns for clients and record labels globally, and have been able to identify several pain points that occur when using a marketing platform to push entertainment content:

  1. Limited budget.

  2. Revenue is difficult to attribute to ad spend, making marketing budgets complicated to justify.

  3. Difficult to generate revenue when promoting music videos for new artists. Unless the artist has a robust merchant operation and tour schedule, marketing spends can lead to an abundance of unrecoverable costs.

  4. Improper targeting, which causes wasted budget and putting ads in front of users that are not likely to enjoy the content.

Over the course of 2018, 2019, and continuing into 2020, we have been developing a strategy with our clients that blends the value proposition of the entire YouTube technology stack; Google Ads, YouTube, and AdSense, in a way that benefits creators and marketers tasked with growing their entertainment brands.

All four of these pain points can be alleviated with a unique campaign build and optimization sequence that WMR Media has developed.

Strategy Overview
Finding the YouTube “Rabbit Hole”

The high-level goal of our strategy is to optimize Google Ads campaigns for AdSense revenue. This results in earning cash-back for the client, allowing for recuperating some or all their ad spend. This, in turn, results in YouTube Channels finding their appropriate audience and developing real followers more quickly.

We are using Google’s powerful marketing platform to target videos to users that are likely to watch additional content on the channel. We pay Google for the first view with an ad buy, but what we want is for the user to enjoy and continue watching content on the channel, what’s commonly referred to as the YouTube “rabbit hole”.

As the user racks up time watching content from the same creator, additional ads are served by Google. ~90% of the revenue earned by YouTube Creators come from skippable/non-skippable pre, mid, and post-roll ads. That is not the ad type that we are buying for our strategy. We buy TrueView Discovery Display ads that appear on the user’s home page, search results, or at “position zero”, which is located under videos on their watch-page.

ROAS Improvement
Our optimization sequence runs once every 24 hours
Through careful optimization techniques and a rules-based approach that WMR Media has developed, our goal is to optimize volume ad spend for revenue; getting you up to 100% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) via Google AdSense.

In addition to AdSense revenue, which our system optimizes for, scaled, targeted traffic can also lead to increased revenue via YouTube’s merchant shelf, Super chats on live streams, and memberships (typically requires a minimum of 30k subscribers to enable).


Revenue is also generated via ticket sales with geo-targeted tour information that appears to users below every video on the channel (requires Official Artist Channel designation by YouTube).


Remarketing opportunities also allow for the client to capture audiences and send them to their own website for ticket sales and other merchandise sales.

Google AdSense makes payments to content creators on about the 21st of each month for the previous month’s earnings on YouTube. This is roughly 5 months faster than the velocity of Spotify payments and other music platforms, making this scaling strategy viable for artists and entertainment brands with lower budgets that need revenue payments in a timely manner.

A Different Approach to Campaign Builds
How to think about this strategy
This new process is completely different from normal campaigns that current WMR Media clients are used to. These are 24/7 evergreen, channel wide campaigns. There is no set end date for the campaigns, the spend occurs on a system billed by WMR Media to the client on a weekly billing cycle. All costs are updated in real-time in Google Data Studio, that our clients will have access to.


Previously, campaigns were built with a total budget in mind and a start and end date. Clients wishing to switch to this new strategy will need to switch to a new, more client-centric, billing cycle and understand the differences in the total approach we are taking with YouTube marketing.


Multiple videos need to be used for A/B/C/D/etc. testing to determine high performing videos and downgrading those that are performing poorly.


The goal is to generate engagement for users. As can be seen below, this is accomplished via auto-play functionality (1), algorithmically created music playlists that appear in position (2) for all Music Channels, or via strong presence within suggested videos lists (3):


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