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Creating ads on Facebook and Instagram is a great way for musical artists to get people interested in their latest album, tour, merch, and other promotions.

We will find the audience you want through video
Our team will craft meaningful, fun, creative videos for Facebook or Instagram in varying lengths and formats (we recommend videos that are 3+ minutes long for Facebook or up to 60 seconds for Instagram) that align with your business goals down the line and that highlight the artist, close up, during the first 3 seconds.

We will refine your audience
We will use Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to reach an audience of people who are most likely to be interested in what you want to promote.
From the people who watch your videos on Facebook and Instagram, we can create a Custom Audience. We can then create a Facebook ad to show to this qualified audience.

Using the two groups above, you can then create a Lookalike Audience to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your music because they’re similar to your established audiences.

We will create an ad that will drive results
Our team thinks creatively when choosing imagery and videos for mobile ads. Even simple changes can make a big difference. 
We will test different versions of the ad creative by creating a split test. A split test lets you see which ad works best so that we can improve your future campaigns.

We will measure the success of your ads based on increased video views, sales, awareness, or conversions.

Ready to advertise your music?

Reach new fans on Instagram & Facebook

Instagram Advertising 

What type of ads can you run on Instagram?

Decide who matters most to your business, then we will reach them with adjustable targeting options.

Instagram offers inspiring and seamless ways to tell your story. No matter what type of business you are in, there's an ad format that can help you reach your marketing goals.


Photo ads
Our team will tell your story through a clean, simple, and beautiful creative canvas. Photos can be square, landscape, or portrait that has a clear call to action mission.  

Video Ads

It's very important for music artists to tell their story via Video Ads as that's one of the most important ways to grab the attention of your new viewer and potentially turn him into a fan of your music.

Carousel ads

Add another layer of depth to campaigns, where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos in a single ad.

Stories ads

Ads on Instagram Stories provide a creative, engaging and immersive full-screen ad format built to drive action and powered by Facebook's advanced people-based measurement solutions that you know and trust.


Ready to start your campaign?

With thousands of global campaigns built for record labels, PR agencies, and independent artists, we’ve learned the nuances of developing complex campaigns.

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