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40,000 Spotify Streams
25+ Playlist Adds
17,000 Monthly Listeners


- Spotify Marketing Campaign


Nashville, TN, USA

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Obstacles & Changes


BILETSKA, originally from Cherkasy, Ukraine, is a talented artist who grew up dreaming of pursuing a music career in the United States. She got her chance at 18 through a university "work and travel" program that took her to New York City. After participating in The Voice TV show and touring Europe with renowned guitarist Michael Angelo Batio, BILETSKA moved to Nashville to focus on her music career. She has since released a solo album under the moniker "Marsy Flame" and is currently working on a pop/electronic project.


BILETSKA's song "Obstacles & Changes" is an anthem for those who are afraid to make big decisions, encouraging them to embrace change and chase their dreams. To promote the song, we at WMR Media developed a targeted Spotify marketing campaign aimed at increasing BILETSKA's visibility and streaming numbers.


  1. Audience Research and Segmentation: We identified BILETSKA's target audience based on their interests, demographics, and online behavior, and segmented them accordingly.

  2. Playlist Placement: We reached out to influential playlist curators and pitched BILETSKA's song for placement in relevant playlists that catered to her target audience.

  3. Promotion on Social Media: BILETSKA shared updates and teasers related to her song on her social media channels, encouraging her followers to listen and engage with her content.

  4. Performance Monitoring and Optimization: We continuously monitored the campaign's performance and made adjustments as needed to maximize engagement and streaming numbers.


  • 40,000 Spotify streams

  • Placement in 25+ playlists

  • 17,000 monthly listeners

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Spotify streams

  • Playlist placements

  • Monthly listeners


Our Spotify marketing campaign for BILETSKA's song "Obstacles & Changes" successfully increased her streaming numbers, playlist placements, and monthly listeners. By understanding her target audience and utilizing strategic playlist placement and social media promotion, we were able to effectively promote BILETSKA's music and contribute to her growing success in the industry.

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