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75,000 Spotify Streams
25+ Playlist Adds
40,000 Monthly Listeners


- Spotify Marketing Campaign


Sydney NSW, Australia

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My Past


Halfwait is a three-piece rock band from Sydney, Australia, consisting of founding members Jon Barca (guitar, vocals), Chris Tallon (drums), and Nick Sero (bass guitar). Their sound combines elements of grunge, punk, and alt-rock, drawing inspiration from bands like Offspring, Blink 182, and Nirvana. In 2016, they recorded their second EP at the renowned Electric Sun Studios with Steve Knight, which included the popular song "Late Nights." Halfwait's debut album, "The Official," was followed by a national tour, during which they played shows throughout Australia and received considerable attention on YouTube's Montage Rock channel and Spotify.


Halfwait sought to promote their latest single "My Past" and other releases through a Spotify Marketing Campaign. The campaign aimed to increase the number of Spotify streams, playlist adds, and monthly listeners.


  1. Collaboration: We teamed up with Halfwait to create an effective marketing campaign for their single "My Past."

  2. Playlist Outreach: We pitched the song to over 25 Spotify playlists, ensuring a good fit and increasing its visibility and reach.

  3. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: We kept Halfwait informed about the campaign's progress, providing regular updates on key performance indicators and overall performance.


  • 75,000+ Spotify streams

  • 25+ playlist adds

  • 40,000 monthly listeners

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Spotify streams

  • Playlist adds

  • Monthly listeners


Our Spotify Marketing Campaign for Halfwait's "My Past" and other releases was highly successful in achieving its goals. By collaborating closely with the band and effectively promoting the track on various playlists, we significantly increased the song's streams, playlist adds, and monthly listeners. The campaign's success also positively impacted their following release, "Live My Life," which amassed over 50,000 streams organically without any additional promotion.

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