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Kash Mania


4 Year Old Rapper
250,000 YouTube Video Views
50,000 Spotify Streams
Press Coverage
Celebrity Endorsments


- YouTube Ad Campaign
- Spotify Marketing Campaign


Little Rock, AR, USA

Services Delivered

Snack Out


Kash Mania, a 4-year-old rapper from Little Rock, Arkansas, began making music when he was just three years old. Inspired by songs like "Baby Shark," he started singing with his father, who eventually introduced him to the recording studio. Kash Mania's father came up with the stage name based on his son's name and their YouTube channel, the Mania family. Kash Mania's first recorded song was "Snack Out," with catchy lyrics that quickly gained popularity.


Kash Mania aimed to promote his first single, "Snack Out," through a YouTube Ad Campaign and a Spotify Marketing Campaign. The campaign sought to increase the number of YouTube video views, Spotify streams, press coverage, and celebrity endorsements.


  1. Collaboration: We worked closely with Kash Mania to create an effective marketing campaign for his debut single, "Snack Out."

  2. YouTube Ad Campaign: We launched a targeted YouTube Ad Campaign to increase the visibility and reach of Kash Mania's music video.

  3. Spotify Marketing Campaign: We pitched the single to Spotify playlists to ensure a good fit, increasing its visibility and reach.

  4. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: We kept Kash Mania informed about the campaign's progress, providing regular updates on key performance indicators and overall performance.


  • 250,000 YouTube video views

  • 50,000 Spotify streams

  • Press coverage

  • Celebrity endorsements

Key Performance Indicators:

  • YouTube video views

  • Spotify streams

  • Press coverage

  • Celebrity endorsements


Our YouTube Ad Campaign and Spotify Marketing Campaign for Kash Mania's debut single, "Snack Out," were highly successful in achieving their goals. By collaborating closely with the artist and effectively promoting the single on YouTube and Spotify, we significantly increased the song's visibility, leading to impressive numbers of video views and streams. The campaign also helped Kash Mania gain media attention, resulting in coverage on major music websites and celebrity endorsements.

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