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250,000+ Streams
5,000+ New Followers
Most Streamed Song
Personalized Artist Playlist Created


- Spotify Marketing Campaign


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Kiey, born in 1994, is an independent artist who grew up listening to and loving US-UK Pop music. He composes, writes, and produces his own music, mainly exploring the concepts of love, desire, and loneliness. Kiey's debut album "Night To Myself" features the single "Piccadilly," an autobiographical electro-pop record inspired by his yearning for a place he used to live near in London.

Strategy: The Spotify marketing campaign for Kiey's "Piccadilly" focused on increasing the song's streams and growing Kiey's artist playlist followers.


The campaign successfully achieved its goals, resulting in:

  • 250

    ,000+ Streams for "Piccadilly"

  • 5,000+ New Followers for Kiey's artist playlist

  • "Piccadilly" became the most-streamed song for Kiey

  • Personalized artist playlist created


The Spotify marketing campaign for Kiey's single "Piccadilly" played a significant role in increasing its visibility and popularity on the platform. The campaign helped Kiey grow his artist playlist followers, making "Piccadilly" his most-streamed song and showcasing his self-produced talent in the electro-pop genre.

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