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250,000+ Spotify Streams
100,000+ Monthly Listeners
Audience & Fanbase build
Editorial Playlists
Algorithmical Playlists
100+ Playlists Landed


- Spotify Marketing Campaign


London, UK

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Originating in Kazakhstan, L'Duo quickly gained popularity in their homeland. Many of their tracks have reached the top charts, and their songs have been played on the radio. Over the years, they have released numerous singles and albums, which have been awarded various nominations and prizes. The duo later moved to Russia, where they worked on more collaborative projects and gained even more experience performing on grand stages across the country.


L'Duo aimed to promote their song "Superwoman" by launching a Spotify Marketing Campaign. The primary objectives were to increase the number of Spotify streams, grow their monthly listeners, build their audience and fanbase, and land their music on editorial and algorithmic playlists.


  1. Curator Outreach: Leveraging our years of experience and strong relationships with independent Spotify curators, we pitched L'Duo's music to multiple playlists, ensuring a good fit for the release.

  2. Consistent Streaming: By landing on various playlists, we were able to generate a consistent 2,500 daily streams for over 30 days.

  3. Editorial and Algorithmic Playlists: The sustained streaming numbers helped the song land on Spotify's editorial and algorithmic playlists, further increasing its reach and engagement.

  4. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: We kept L'Duo informed about the campaign's progress, providing regular updates on key performance indicators and overall performance.


  • 250,000+ Spotify streams

  • 100,000+ monthly listeners

  • Audience and fanbase growth

  • Inclusion in editorial and algorithmic playlists

  • Landed on 100+ playlists

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Spotify streams

  • Monthly listeners

  • Audience and fanbase growth

  • Playlist inclusion


Our Spotify Marketing Campaign for L'Duo's "Superwoman" was highly successful in increasing the song's streams, growing their audience, and landing on various playlists. By utilizing our connections with independent curators and effectively promoting the track, we were able to generate impressive streaming numbers and boost L'Duo's presence on the platform

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