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OG Bobby Billions


#14 Billboard Charts
10M YouTube Video Views
5M+ Spotify Streams
Kickstarted His Career


- YouTube Ad Campaign


Dallas, TX, USA

Services Delivered

Outside & Others

Background: OG Bobby Billions is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from the highly favored Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. His distinctively deep, raspy voice has become Bobby's artistic trademark over the course of his short career and has helped build a solid fan base throughout Texas and beyond.

Strategy: Media ran a YouTube Ad Campaign to promote OG Bobby Billions' debut album "Holy Goat," focusing on the lead single "Outside." The campaign aimed to increase visibility and drive engagement, ultimately kickstarting his music career.

Key Performance Indicators: The YouTube Ad Campaign played a significant role in OG Bobby Billions' career, with the lead single "Outside" achieving impressive results:

  • The song reached #14 on the Billboard Charts

  • The music video amassed over 10 million views on YouTube

  • The album garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify

Conclusion: The successful YouTube Ad Campaign for OG Bobby Billions' debut album "Holy Goat" highlights WMR Media's ability to effectively promote and support emerging artists in the music industry. By leveraging targeted marketing strategies, WMR Media can help artists like OG Bobby Billions reach new heights in their careers.

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