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About Artist


There have been a few stay-at-home themed music videos popping up over the last couple months, but “Outside,” the lead single from OG Bobby Billions debut album Holy Goat, is the first one I’ve seen come out of Dallas.

The Oak Cliff born-and-raised rapper had been developing his sound and working on the album for a couple years, but it only took two hours to throw together “Outside,” now his favorite part of the gospel-inspired record.

OG Bobby Billions is a rapper, producer and songwriter from the highly favored Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. His distinctively deep, raspy voice has become Bobby's artistic trademark over the course of his short career and has helped build a solid fan base throughout Texas and beyond.

  • 1M YouTube Video Views 

  • 5M+ Spotify Streams

  • Kickstarted His Career

OG Bobby Billions - Outside

Campaign Outcome

OG Bobby Billions was welcomed to our team back in 2020 with his now most succesfull single ''Outside'' which has passed well over 1,000,000 streams and has been re-released by A level artists like MO3 and Blueface.

We also worked on other OG Bobby Billion's singles like ''Everyday'' which has passed 100,000 video views and ''Food Stamp Baby which was released July 2021 and has passed 500,00 video views.

By working closely together with OG Bobby Billion's we managed to kickstart his career and open new doors for him as an artist.

Final Results

  • 1M YouTube Video Views 

  • 5M+ Spotify Streams

  • Kickstarted His Career