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Who Am I & Stranger Things

Kansas, USA

Pancho is a 20 year old artist with versatility, polished flows and ambition. With inspirations ranging from BROCKHAMPTON to Mac Miller and Travis Scott, he is determined to show the world his depth and range as an artist as well as the elite production that he delivers rhythmic flows over.

Campaign Outcome:

200,000+ YouTube Video Views
2,000,000+ Ad Impressions
10,3% avg. Impression Click Through Rate
2,000+ Subscribers Converted From Main Channel To Music Channel
150,000+ Spotify Streams
2,000+ Followers
100+ Independently Curated Playlists

3,000+ Song Saves


Services Delivered:

- Spotify Marketing Campaign
- YouTube Ad Campaign

From emotional deep cutting songs like "Therapy", to up-beat high energy songs with playful flows and melodies on "Another Level", Pancho showcases his ability to create memorable sounds that will be more than just fleeting. Subject matter in tracks usually follows his life experiences.

Growing up in Kansas by way of Baltimore, lyrics can paint a picture of his youth life with relationships and the vices he had to navigate to get where he is today. Pancho made his introduction to the rap game with two single drops featuring artists such as 6o and KillBunk. He mixed and mastered both songs and also handled the production on the releases. But in just under a year, Pancho has released a full length project with his singer-songwriter friend, Fat Dolsk. The project is first out of many to come in the future.

Pancho is an up-and-coming music artist who recently released his music video for "Who Am I'' on his YouTube channel. Our team at WMR was hired to help promote the video and grow Pancho's audience on YouTube & Spotify.

We started by running a YouTube advertising campaign for the "Stranger Things" music video. The campaign focused on targeting Pancho's existing audience and potential fans of similar music genres. Through this campaign, we were able to reach over 200,000 video views and had over 2,000,000 ad impressions.

One of the key successes of this campaign was our high impression click-through rate (CTR) of 10.3%, which indicates that our targeted ads were effective in capturing the attention of viewers and encouraging them to click on the video. As a result of the campaign, Pancho's YouTube channel gained over 2,000 new subscribers.

In addition to the YouTube campaign, we also ran a Spotify advertising campaign for Pancho's song release of "Who Am I". We used Spotify's Ad Studio to target Pancho's existing YouTube audience and convert them into Spotify listeners. This campaign was a huge success, with Pancho's song gaining over 150,000 streams and 2,000 new followers on Spotify. The song was also added to over 100 independently curated playlists, further increasing its visibility and reach on the platform.

One of the reasons for the success of these campaigns was our focus on targeting the right audience. By understanding Pancho's existing audience and their musical preferences, we were able to create ads that resonated with them and effectively promoted his music. This helped us to increase Pancho's visibility on both YouTube and Spotify, and ultimately led to an increase in his audience and popularity.

Overall, our advertising campaigns for Pancho's music on YouTube and Spotify were highly successful in growing his audience and promoting his music.

By leveraging his existing YouTube audience and targeting potential fans on both platforms, we were able to successfully convert Pancho's success as a YouTube influencer into a successful music career. Pancho is now well on his way to becoming a well-known and successful artist, and we at WMR are proud to have played a part in his success.

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