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Quadie Diesel


250,000+ YouTube Video Views
1,300,000+ Video Ad Impressions
31% View Rate
800,000+ Spotify Streams


- Spotify Marketing Campaign
- YouTube Ad Campaign


Delaware, USA

Services Delivered

Byegonez, Gangster, Own Stunts, Know Me


Quadie Diesel, originally from Newark, New Jersey, and raised in Delaware, is a charismatic artist with a bold personality. He aims to become "The Biggest thing since Will Smith" and never fails to dominate any room he enters. Quadie's unique and assertive personality has been shaped by his diverse life experiences and inspirations.

Quadie draws inspiration from a range of sources, including Johnny Depp, Leonardo DaVinci, Kobe Bryant, Alexander McQueen, Michael Jackson, Thirstin Howl III, Tupac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Wu-Tang, Camron, and more. These influences help him channel his creativity and maintain focus on his path. With his current momentum, partnership with Sony, and Father Figure Entertainment, Quadie is determined to make a significant impact in Hip-Hop through his "In your face" psychedelic-influenced music.


WMR Media was hired to promote Quadie Diesel's music and grow his audience on YouTube and Spotify. We launched a YouTube advertising campaign that generated over 250,000 video views and 1,300,000+ video ad impressions, with an impressive 31% view rate.

We also implemented a Spotify marketing campaign that resulted in 800,000+ streams for Quadie's tracks. By understanding Quadie's existing audience and their musical preferences, we created ads that resonated with them and effectively promoted his music.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • 250,000+ YouTube Video Views

  • 1,300,000+ Video Ad Impressions

  • 31% View Rate

  • 800,000+ Spotify Streams


WMR Media's advertising campaigns for Quadie Diesel's music on YouTube and Spotify were successful in increasing his audience and promoting his music. Our targeted ads captured the attention of viewers, leading to impressive view rates and a considerable growth in his audience and popularity. As Quadie continues to create and release captivating music, WMR Media is proud to have played a part in his success as an artist.

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