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Quadie Diesel

Byegonez, Gangster, Own Stunts, Know Me

Delaware, USA

Quadie Diesel Hails from Newark, New Jersey and is set out to be, self-titled, “The Biggest thing since Will Smith.” Born in Newark but Raised in Delaware where ever he moves he dominates a room. Quadie’s abstract and militant personality was early developed from past experiences to his diverse life inspirations.

Campaign Outcome:

250,000+ YouTube Video Views
1,300,000+ Video Ad Impressions
31% View Rate
800,000+ Spotify Streams

Quadie Diesel

Services Delivered:

- Spotify Marketing Campaign
- YouTube Ad Campaign

Quadie enjoys his free will, free thinking, playing the “Devil’s Advocate”, and “Things that repulse him.” He channels his inspirations from Johnny Depp, Leonardo DaVinci, Kobe Bryant, Alexander McQueen to pop/rap sensations like Michael Jackson, Thirstin Howl III, Tupac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Wu-Tang, Camron and more to channel himself creatively and keep him focused on his path. With his current momentum, new found partnership with Sony and Father Figure Entertainment, he’s determined to keep pumping gas by consistently dropping his “In your face” psychedelic influenced music, and creating a heavy name in Hip-Hop.

In 2022, our team was approached by Quadie Diesel, an up-and-coming musician, to help promote his music. We were excited to work with him and quickly got to work developing a plan to increase his online presence and engagement with his music.

Our first task was to create a YouTube advertising campaign for his music video for "Byegonez" featuring Lil Yachty. We carefully targeted our ads to reach potential fans of both Quadie Diesel and Lil Yachty, and the campaign was a huge success. The video received over 150,000 views, and many of those viewers went on to listen to more of Quadie Diesel's music on Spotify.

Next, we turned our attention to promoting Quadie Diesel's singles "Gangster" and "know Me." These songs quickly gained attention on Spotify, with "Gangster" having been streamed over 300,000 times and "know Me" having been streamed over 400,000 times. We ran targeted advertising campaigns for both songs, reaching a combined total of over 3,000,000 people. As a result, both songs saw even more streams on Spotify and helped to increase Quadie Diesel's overall popularity.

Finally, we promoted Quadie Diesel's latest release, "Own Stunts." This song was also a hit on Spotify, receiving over 300,000 streams. Our promotion efforts helped to further increase the song's popularity and solidify Quadie Diesel's growing fanbase.

Overall, our team's efforts were successful in increasing Quadie Diesel's online presence and engagement with his music. Through our YouTube advertising campaigns and promotion of his singles on Spotify, Quadie Diesel saw almost 1,000,000 Spotify streams, over 200,000 YouTube Viewers, and more than 30,000 song saves and 15,000 independently curated playlists. We were proud to have played a role in helping Quadie Diesel's career take off, and we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.

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