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3,800,000+ Spotify Streams
1,700,000+ Spotify Listeners
20,000+ Playlist Adds
65,000+ Song Saves
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- Spotify Marketing Campaign


New York, NY, USA

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Fast Life & Long Run, Vol 3


New York native and rap veteran Vado has returned with the latest installment of his Long Run mixtape series, "Long Run, Vol. 3." The mixtape features collaborations with fellow artists like Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, and Dave East. With singles like "Plain Sight" and "Fast Life," Vado's mixtape was set to make a strong impact in the rap scene.


The goal of the campaign was to increase Vado's presence on Spotify, engage his existing fanbase, and attract new listeners. By utilizing targeted playlist marketing and promotion strategies, the campaign aimed to generate buzz around the release of "Long Run, Vol. 3."

  1. Targeted playlist marketing: Our team identified and targeted playlists that aligned with Vado's musical style and audience preferences, ensuring his tracks were placed in playlists that catered to the rap and hip-hop genres.

  2. Social media promotion: We utilized Vado's social media platforms to engage with his existing fan base, sharing updates on the mixtape release, behind-the-scenes content, and promoting the featured singles. This helped maintain fan interest and generate organic shares, driving more listeners to the mixtape.

  3. Collaboration promotion: By highlighting Vado's collaborations with high-profile artists such as Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, and Dave East, the campaign attracted the attention of their respective fan bases, further expanding the mixtape's potential audience.

  4. Editorial playlist pitching: Our team pitched Vado's music to the curators of major editorial playlists on Spotify, aiming to secure placements that would maximize exposure and attract new listeners.

  5. Influencer marketing: We engaged influencers in the rap and hip-hop community to share and promote Vado's music, leveraging their reach and credibility to drive additional streams and listeners.


The Spotify marketing campaign achieved outstanding results, with over 3.8 million streams, 1.7 million listeners, 20,000 playlist adds, and 65,000 song saves. Additionally, Vado's music was featured on various editorial playlists, further expanding his reach and visibility.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • 3,800,000+ Spotify Streams

  • 1,700,000+ Spotify Listeners

  • 20,000+ Playlist Adds

  • 65,000+ Song Saves

  • Featured on Editorial Playlists


Vado's Spotify marketing campaign for "Fast Life & Long Run, Vol 3" was highly successful. The targeted promotion strategies effectively engaged both existing fans and new listeners, leading to exceptional results in terms of streams, listeners, playlist adds, and song saves. The campaign played a vital role in promoting Vado's latest project and solidifying his presence in the music industry.

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