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Fast Life & Long Run, Vol 3

New York, NY, USA

After taking some time off, the New York native is ready to set the tone for Long Run, Vol. 3 with another Dave East collaboration – this one called “Fast Life” and arriving on October 7th alongside an accompanying music video.

Campaign Outcome:

3,800,000+ Spotify Streams
1,700,000+ Spotify Listeners
20,000+ Playlist Adds
65,000+ Song Saves
Editorial Playlists


Services Delivered:

- Spotify Marketing Campaign

New York rap veteran Vado is back with bars with the latest in his Long Run mixtape series. Long Run Vol. 3 comes via DMG and features Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, Dave East, and a few others. Following singles like “Plain Sight” with Banks and “Fast Life” with East, this is another solid project from the Cam’ron protégé.

Vado previously released Vol. 2 earlier this year in January, which featured banger after banger. However, Long Run Vol. 3 has even less filler, boasting 11 focused cuts all produced by Tha Trinity. In addition to the aforementioned features, the Harlem native also tapped Cartier Nellz, S&S, Rich Ice, and Young Keeks. They all sound right at home on this project, which makes more sense than readers might assume. After all, Banks, East, and Vado formed a supergroup, The Council, ahead of Vol. 2.

Reaching 3.8 Million Spotify Streams with Spotify Advertising

In this case study, we will discuss how we were able to help our client, Vado, reach 3.8 million streams on Spotify by using Spotify Ad Studio, Marquee & Meta Advertising Campaigns.


New York rap veteran Vado has released the latest installment in his Long Run mixtape series. Long Run Vol. 3 is a collaborative project featuring guest appearances from Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, and Dave East. The mixtape, which was released via DMG, follows the success of singles such as "Plain Sight" with Banks and "Fast Life" with East. As a protégé of Cam'ron, Vado continues to showcase his skills and solidify his place in the rap scene with this latest project.


We decided to use Spotify Ad Studio to help our client reach their goals. Spotify Ad Studio is a self-serve advertising platform that allows artists and labels to create and run audio and video ads on Spotify. We created a series of ads that highlighted our client's music and used targeting to reach potential fans who were likely to enjoy their style of music.


We launched the campaign and carefully monitored its performance, making adjustments as needed to optimize our targeting and ad creative. We also worked with our client to promote their music on their social media channels and other online platforms, to drive traffic to their Spotify profile and encourage their existing fans to follow them on the platform.


The campaign was a resounding success, resulting in 3.8 million streams for our client on Spotify. This represented a significant increase in their presence on the platform and helped them reach a wider audience of potential fans.

  • The campaign generated a significant increase in brand awareness, with a 20% lift in artist recognition among our target audience for the last 90 days

  • Our campaigns reached over 15 million users and generated over 2,000,000 clicks to the Spotify profile.

  • The album release landed over 20,000 playlists


Using Spotify Advertising Campaigns, we were able to help our client reach their goals and achieve significant success on the platform. The targeting and ad creative we used were key to the campaign's success, and our efforts to promote the artist on other online channels also played a role in driving traffic and engagement on Spotify.

Overall, it was a successful campaign that helped our client reach a new level of success on the platform

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