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Our international network allows us to call upon team members with the skills needed for any campaign. Global success requires a global perspective, and we do not limit ourselves with geography. 

What truly sets us apart is data. While music may be art, we see digital marketing as a science. We have access to the top industry information and trends to not only understand the current landscape but predict the next step.

Data informs our digital marketing decisions and will creatively connect your campaign with your target audience. How? We know where they are, what they are doing and what they want to see — and hear.


​It will be general social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, we run sponsored Ads, and use funnel targeting strategy (it always delivers great results!)

So this will establish your social media presence, engage with your current fans and drive new fans to your music as we use funnel strategy and of course drive good traffic to your music!

What is sales funnel strategy: Awareness-Engagement-Conversion.

  • First potential fan “Emily” sees Artist B on Twitter (We have Awareness.)

  • Using our retargeting analytics a few days later, Emily sees Artist B again on Facebook, only this time Emily clicks on Artist B's link, photo or profile, depending on what is being promoted. (We now have an Engagement.)

  • Through our constant and consistent strategic social media marketing, Emily again sees Artist B on Twitter. Emily now takes an important step in our sales funnel -- she follows Artist B on Twitter. Artist B now has a real organic fan who will stream his music when he puts it out, buy a single or a ticket for his concert, and most importantly, will become an advocate of his music. This is how we build an organic fanbase. (We have Conversion.)

WMR Media Digital Marketing