Frequently Asked Questions 

Hello, Thank you for considering WMR Media for your needs. Over the past decade we’ve had the opportunity to bring clients closer to their target fans by introducing them to our various media partners and delivering results time and time again.

From artists like Gunna to the $uicide Boy$ to Atlantic Records and Red Bull, we are well versed in the world of marketing and public relations and are excited to take on your campaign.


Before we get started we want to make sure we set the expectations in advance so that this process goes as smoothly as possible. Below is a guideline for how we will introduce you to the media. This is a method that is constantly evolving to give musicians, entertainers and brands the best chance to reach their goals while also allowing us to develop and maintain relationships with the media in the best way possible. I have included some frequently asked questions to better help you understand how we do business and deliver results.


Please keep in mind all this information is subject to change based on the needs of the business in an effort to provide the best results for clients.


1. Discuss targets and set expectations for the campaign. (1 Day) -

We speak with the artist and the management team about what to expect from the campaign and we hope to understand some goals and targets for the campaign during this stage early on in the process.

2. Interview and Press Release (2 Days) -

We will interview the artist discuss his new single and formulate that interview into a press release. The press release will include a brief background on the artist, information on his single, social media, images and a smarturl link to his music (please let me know if the label has already created one)

3. Media Coaching / Press Release Revisions (1 Day) -

Review artist answers, give him some pointers on interviewing -Make corrections and discuss changes to press release

4. Final Approval of Press Release (1 Day) -

I send you the final press release as soon as we make the corrections

5. Individually Email Sites For Premiere (1 Week) -

Sometimes takes more or less but this is the average amount of time it takes.

6. Send Press Release to Media Contacts (2-3 Weeks) -

Feedback usually delivered in 1-2 weeks

7. Social Media Coaching -

After we get your blog posts and other forms of press we teach you how to promote those links on social media in the best way possible.

III. Placement on top-tier sites is not 100% guaranteed every time…..

While the last section addresses this, it is important to remember that although we have had clients posted on great publications like Fader, Complex, HNHH, AllHipHop, XXL, The Source and others, this DOES NOT mean that they will 100% post your record. While we do have excellent relationships with a host of larger sites, posts on their sites is up to the editor’s discretion. Meaning… it’s up to the editors at each site. If they like it, they will post it. But we cannot force someone to support your song and we cannot burn a bridge on one record. Despite this fact we have very strong relationships with about 40+ smaller to mid-level websites who will regularly post our records so there’s a great chance for you to get some nice exposure you can build on.



1. What is the premiere?

A premiere is when a website, publication or entity debuts a song, video or piece of content as an exclusive release. In order to secure this premiere sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks but is often achieved in a week. Typically in order to achieve this goal it requires a lot more coordination and we need to have at least a minimum of one week of lead time in order to secure that kind of opportunity. In this circumstance we don’t blast a piece of content out to the media until an agreed-upon time after the record debuts in hopes of giving the outlet an exclusive opportunity to share the content with their fans.

2. What information do you need to provide?

Soundcloud/Youtube/Vevo/Audiomack Links/Spotify/AppleMusic -Bio or any relevant write ups/descriptions of the song/videos -Social Media links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr -Relevant hashtags -Interview questions answered

3. What if people don't like the record and it doesn't get posts?

That has never happened to us. We get anywhere from 35-40 blog sites on every single record, but this is also depending on how much managing editors or bloggers like the song or video when it comes to top tier sites. If you are seeking smaller or regional sites to build your buzz, they are more willing to accept artists and their new content. Larger sites may take more of a buzz or a feature to achieve getting posted. Generally, it's up to the editor's discretion as mentioned above.


4. Can you get me on this one site?

We only want one or two sites. No, we only run comprehensive campaigns - we DO NOT do one-off deals for specific sites. Not only does that compromise the integrity of our business, but it’s also unfair to the sites that work hard daily to build a brand, post content and entertain viewers without bias. To put any sort of price or number on the value of getting a post on one individual site is wrong and we have never done that. It’s bad for the artist, the blog and for our business as content distributors and curators.


5. No Refunds Policy

Due to the nature of our work as a service-based company, once we begin work we do not offer refunds except in rare circumstances where we are unable to provide the aforementioned services within a timely manner as described in the outline above. Our reputation is everything and we have worked hard to protect the WMR Agency’s brand for over a decade. We pride ourselves in underpromising and over-delivering on the results for our clients and we strive to make sure every account satisfied. We don’t sleep on ANYONE. If you have any concerns please bring them up as they arise so that we can properly address any issues immediately. Once again thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to a great campaign!

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