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5 Tips For Getting Discovered On YouTube

5 Tips For Getting Discovered On YouTube
5 Tips For Getting Discovered On YouTube

Over one billion people visit YouTube every month—that’s a lot of potential fans of your music. Operating your own Artist channel can expose your music to this global audience. Learn easy ways to help your music get discovered on YouTube.

Your Artist channel is your music’s home on YouTube. Designing it well can help viewers understand who you are and what kind of music you make. (Don’t have a channel yet? Click here for step-by-step instructions.)

Help your music get heard more on YouTube and grow watch time, subscribers, and, ultimately, your music fanbase with a few easy tips.

  1. Take photos during your video shoot that you can use as thumbnails for your video. Thumbnails work best when they give enough info about a video so that fans can make a solid choice about whether to watch it or not. Tip: Thumbnails will appear really small on mobile so make sure they’re identifiable big and small.

  2. Upload your highest quality audio! Video is just as important as audio and YouTube does its best to present your music in the richest format. Some regions have challenges with bandwidth, so we adapt output so the end-user gets the best quality of audio and video. Tip: If uploading art tracks, we recommend that you upload audio to YouTube in uncompressed 24-bit wav files, as this will give us the maximum flexibility needed to present your work with as much fidelity as possible.

  3. After you upload a video, title your video and add a relevant description. Titles and descriptions help fans decide what to click on and help determine where your music surfaces in search results. Consider naming your video with the most searchable terms, like your name or band’s name and the track name first. Tips: distinguish between ‘official’, live, lyric, cover videos, etc. Video descriptions can describe your video and promote your tour, album, downloads, merch, and social media links.

  4. Drop videos into a playlist to encourage longer listening sessions. Playlists can help you organize videos, curate lists for your audience to listen to, and ultimately make content more accessible to listeners and viewers. Tip: Share a video’s playlist link when promoting on social media so that after the first song is over, fans automatically hear the next one from your channel.

  5. Add Cards to your videos. Cards are little notifications that you can program to pop on-screen at specific moments to promote and link out to new releases, playlists, downloads, tours, merchandise, your website, and more. Cards can help increase your sales by directly linking out to these sites. Additionally, you can poll your fans with Cards.

If you’re just getting your channel started, brainstorm and design a few iterations of your banner art and channel icon. Try posting them and swapping them out on your channel. Which one looks the best? Does it resonate with your music and your brand?

You can also hire us WMR Music Group to do it for you!

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