Best Way To Promote Your Spotify In 2021 Is With Feature.FM

Music-marketing startup has a new, well, feature. It’s called ‘Action Pages’, and it’s designed to help labels and artists reward fans for their activities within streaming services Spotify and Apple Music (initially: more will be added in the future).

Here’s how the company explains it: “Encourage your fans to pre-save, pre-add, follow, save, or take other actions directly in Apple Music or Spotify. You have the option to reward fans with exclusive content, contest entries, and more that gets unlocked after they click the action.”

Why Do We Think That Spotify Ad Campaigns with Feature.FM Is The Best?

We can get fans to take actions like Follow, Save, Pre-Add, Stream, and more in Apple Music & Spotify.

Our new Spotify Ad Campaign via Facebook and Feature.FM landing page which not only will grow your streams but most importantly will grow your Spotify Profile!

Action Pages are highly engaging pages that reward fans for taking the actions you want in the platforms you want and provide you with deep insight into your audience.

Choose from a range of actions like pre-save, save, follow, and more available for Apple Music and Spotify with more streaming and social platforms coming soon.

How Does It Work And How Can We Help You?

We here at WMR Music Group have been partnered with Feature.FM for more than one year now and completed multiple successful campaigns for our clients that have helped artists to build their fan base and increase their reach on releases.

Let me explain how exactly it will help you and why you need it!

1. Fans click on an action of your choice

We will encourage your fans and new listeners to pre-save, pre-add, follow, save, or take other actions directly in Apple Music or Spotify.

You have the option to reward fans with exclusive content, contest entries, and more that get unlocked after they click the action. *Pro Tip: Fans log in and connect their Apple Music or Spotify Accounts directly through the API.

2. completes the action and ensures you also get followed

Any fans or new listeners who click Pre-Save, Save, or Follow Playlist will also follow your artist profile and automatically follow your playlist, so you can increase your streams and followers.

3. Collect fan emails and view audience insights

You get fan email addresses and deep insights into your audience with info like Spotify Profiles, Locations, ages, follower numbers, and more about how fans engage with your Action Pages. We'll also send all of your remarketing data to your Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and other ad programs for you to target highly segmented audiences with your ads.

See How We Grown Our Own Spotify Playlist And Gained More Than 80,000 Listeners On Playlist

We have multiple case studies to show you but the best example is to show what we did for ourselves! Our team wanted to test this new feature and see how it performs by starting a brand new Spotify Playlist with 0 followers and 0 monthly listeners to have a perfect understanding and expectations.

We ran this campaign for 3.5 months combined which gained us, 25,000+ Playlist Followers, we gained 50,000-80,000 active monthly listeners for our playlist, and most importantly collected 20,000+ listeners' email addresses which we later used for re-targeting.

Our best-performing ad gained more than 1,2 million video views on Facebook and close to million views on Instagram which also helped us to gain thousands of new followers as an extra.

Are You Ready To Get Started With Your Campaign? Because We Are!

With thousands of global campaigns built for record labels, PR agencies, and independent artists, we’ve learned the nuances of developing complex campaigns.

WMR Media Spotify services get your music where it matters, with our music promotion service we offer the best places to have your music featured on top-rated playlists globally.

WMR Media Spotify services are industry-leading, with campaigns that have had artists placed on playlists with up to 500,000 followers.

Get in touch with us today by emailing us - or simply submit a quote form on our website and we will schedule a call with you!

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