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How to Optimize Your Rollout Strategy to Reach New Fans

Music marketing exec Archie Davis shares how your release can make a strong first impression and have lasting impact.

No pressure, but Archie Davis would like to remind you that you only get one shot with your rollout – and he says it can make or break your success. “Every time you’re rolling out a new piece of art, whether that be music, a video, a podcast, a film – that entry point with that consumer, with that potential fan, is always different,” he says.

Here’s the good news: A perfect debut for your next project is within reach. With experience overseeing successful release campaigns for Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Rich the Kid, and the Black Panther soundtrack, Davis has found that being thoughtful about your creative intentions – along with tapping into artist insight tools – can take your career to new heights. “If you can really contextualize what something is supposed to feel like, what something is supposed to smell like… what it’s supposed to sound like, taste like, then you can kind of create a world you’re able to exist in,” he says.

On a new episode of our Co.Lab Sessions podcast, Davis shares how building a community of artists, engaging with Spotify for Artists data and insights, and “focusing on the love” can help position your new release for success.

Focus on the Love “I know that probably really sounds cliche,” Davis begins, “but if you really start at a local level and at home, and really are telling the stories of the people around you, or the stories that are in close proximity to you, they resonate with the people around you.” Davis further explains that localized artists are “a microcosm of other parts of the world” and can still create meaningful connections across the globe by staying true to their roots.

In an era of endless scrolling and snackable content, it can be tempting for an artist to try to appease all audiences and all tastes. “We’re so enamored with consuming things so quickly,” he says. “An artist a lot of times can get caught up in trying to keep up with those moments, but then you become as disposable as a scroll.”

Know Your Stats Artists can engage with listeners and take control of their Spotify presence by pinning featured content, customizing bios, adding Canvas visuals to tracks, and more. But learning from and leveraging insights to tailor those customizations can play a major part in your rollout’s success.

“We’re so fortunate to be able to get the real-time numbers of who is listening and what playlist the song is in,” says Davis, “in addition to seeing what songs are being skipped and seeing what songs to shoot the content for. [We do that] by reading what songs are performing better, where people are turning off, and which ones they’re adding to their catalog – because that’s the real goal.”

Find Your Crew Referencing XXL’s Freshman Class list, which features a roster of up-and-coming artists each year, Davis encourages artists to find their own class of like-minded creators. “Even though you all may be separate artists and do your own thing, I think it’s important to align yourself with a class that you can grow with,” he says.

Having a squad can open up opportunities for collaboration in music, performance, merch, and video, leading to an authentically engaged community, but it can also create a long-term artist support system that can grow beyond your project’s rollout.

To hear more from Archie Davis, listen to his episode of our Co.Lab Sessions podcast below, and click here to browse more episodes from the series.

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