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Make your next release day stand out with YouTube Premiere tools.

Premiere a new video

YouTube Premieres lets you and your viewers watch and experience a new video together in real time. Create buzz for your Premiere by sharing the watch page so viewers can set reminders, chat, and leave comments.

Create a Premiere Viewers can watch the Premiere on any platform like computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web.

  1. On your computer, go to

  2. At the top, click Create Upload videos.

  3. Select your video to upload and enter video details. Note: 360/vr180 or an output greater than 1080p isn’t supported for Premieres

  4. To immediately premiere the video, click Save or publish Public Set as instant Premiere. The video will premiere when the video finishes processing. To schedule the premiere for later, click Schedule Enter a date and time Check Set as Premiere.

  5. To choose a countdown theme and countdown length, click Set up Premiere.

  6. Click Done or Schedule.

Tip: You can also create a Premiere when uploading a video from the YouTube app. From the “Set visibility” page, choose Set as Premiere.

What happens when you create a Premiere

Before your Premiere starts A public watch page is created for your video to eventually premiere on. You can share the watch page URL since the watch page is public before the Premiere begins. Premieres show up across YouTube just like regular uploads. You'll find them on search, the homepage, and video recommendations.

Anyone can come to the watch page and set a reminder, leave a comment, or chat (also give Super Chats if turned on). If you've uploaded a trailer, it'll play.

Note: If your account has a Community Guidelines strike, your Premiere won’t publish during the penalty period. Your Premiere is set to “private” for the penalty period duration, and you have to reschedule it when the freeze period ends. Learn more about Community Guidelines strike basics.

Watch page overview

During your Premiere

A countdown theme will start 2 minutes before your Premiere. When the countdown is over, viewers watch the video together in real time. Viewers can rewind the video, but cannot forward past what’s been shown live. You and your viewers can continue to interact in the comments and live chat.

After your Premiere ends

After your video premieres, it stays on your channel as a regular upload. The countdown theme won’t be included in your video. Chat replay is available for viewers who want to experience the Premiere chat after it has ended. You can turn off chat at any time. From YouTube Studio, you can also use YouTube Analytics to see how your Premiere performed. The view count from the Premiere will transfer to the video afterwards.

  • Tips Customize your Premiere by choosing a different countdown theme, monetizing your Premiere, or showing a trailer on the watch page before your Premiere starts.

  • Guide your viewers to your live stream. Guide your audience to a live stream by pinning a chat message with the link.

  • Build excitement by sending your audience from a live stream to a Premiere.

  • Share your Premiere watch page URL on social media.

  • Set your Premiere as your channel trailer. Learn how by changing your channel layout.

  • Encourage your viewers to set a reminder by leaving a comment or chat message on your watch page. When someone sets a reminder, they’ll get a notification about 30 minutes before the Premiere and another when it starts.

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