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Sell Merch on Spotify: How to Get Started

It’s easier than ever to add your merch to Spotify to promote your music, connect with fans, and grow your business.

Like artists and fans, music and merch are better together. With capabilities seamlessly integrated on Spotify, listeners can purchase your merch as easily as they stream your music. So while you're building a meaningful relationship with your fans, you are also able to make a meaningful impact on your bottom line by broadening your Spotify revenue with merch.

Our integration with Shopify offers a robust experience for both artists and fans. This makes it simple for you and your team to manage inventory and control which items are featured on your artist profile. Anytime you drop new merch, you can share it on Spotify: capitalize on release moments big and small, promote your tour, celebrate the anniversaries of your past work, and more. No matter where you are in your release cycle, fans have great reasons to snag merch all year long. Based on our research, the top four reasons listeners click "buy" are:

  1. To show their love for an artist

  2. To commemorate a special moment in their life

  3. To give a gift to another fan

  4. To decorate their place in a personally meaningful way

With a new, affordable $5-per-month Shopify Starter plan, now is a great time to join tens of thousands of other artists who are already selling on Spotify through one of our merch partners. Here's a guide to set up your Shopify store through Spotify for Artists:

Get Connected

If you're already selling merch through Shopify, install the Spotify for Artists app in the Shopify App Store. After a simple integration process, you'll be able to publish up to 250 items from your Shopify store onto Spotify. Then, within Spotify for Artists, you should select up to three items to feature on your artist profile. Although only three items get this featured placement, Spotify will include the rest of your merch in targeted promotions throughout the app. Our integration supports connecting one Shopify store to one or multiple artist profiles, so teams can streamline their stores all in one place.

Or Get Set Up

New to selling merch or looking to start fresh? There's a new wallet-friendly Shopify Starter Plan for $5 per month that offers artists streamlined access to everything they need to easily sell merch on Spotify. If you are looking for expanded features, checkout the Shopify Basic Plan with free 90-day trial at $30 per month.

Then Stock Up and Sell

Spotify will automatically scan the names of each piece of merch you add from Shopify to identify items that match with your releases so we can add relevant merch to release pages. This way, when a fan is checking out an album or single from your catalog, they'll be able to see associated merch at the same time.

And your merch isn't limited to just the release page: Once someone clicks an item, we can include up to five additional items as recommendations on the product detail pages. Make sure to keep your Spotify sales channel up to date with the latest items, even if they aren't featured on your artist profile, to make sure fans can see more of what you have to offer.

You never know when your fans will be inspired to buy, so your merch on Spotify is open 24/7/365 right where they listen. You'll be building your business -- and your fanbase -- no matter how busy you get. Whether you're celebrating an album launch, a new tour, the year-end Wrapped campaign, or just selling something cool, offering merch on Spotify is more effortless than ever.

Study the Data

Once you've set up your merch store on Spotify, take a moment to dive into the insights from our recent Fan Study as you prepare to incorporate merch into your overall marketing strategy. Here are some tidbits to get the wheels turning:

  • More than half of all merch clicks come in the first 24 days after a new release. Consider offering your fans something new to rep your latest music.

  • Two-thirds of all of your merch clicks come from fans who follow you, like your songs, or add them to a playlist. How can you make sure your music and merch work in lockstep?

  • Brand new listeners are likely to check out your merch right after they discover you. They're 7.8x more likely to click on your merch the very first day they listen to you than they are just one day later.

  • Merch trends change with the seasons, so be sure to have the right items in stock depending on the month. For example, vinyl sales spike in April and May, and outerwear sales hit a peak in November and December.

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