Digital Marketing Premium Package

Whether your company produces music videos, travel vlogs, documentaries, tech reviews, gaming content, or any content in other entertainment niches, WMR Media works with you to find the most appropriate audience for your brand.


Through data profiling of similar brands and extensive A/B audience testing within the Google Ads platform, we work on continually iterating our campaign builds for your brand so that we are placing videos in front of the most suitable audience to effectively grow your YouTube Videos.


For creators in the entertainment business, a healthy YouTube channel presents a lot of revenue opportunities, including brand deals with major sponsors eager to find creators with legitimate audiences and content. By partnering with brands this enables growth of healthy marketing budgets that can in turn be used to scale YouTube growth even more with targeted ad spend.


For artists, a strong YouTube Video/Channel can present new opportunities for live bookings. YouTube prominently showcases tour dates under all videos which are geo-targeted to the individual user and WMR Media is now working with artist teams to leverage these opportunities to sell more tickets for live events using a combination of strategies, including remarketing to their YouTube audience on the Google Display Network (GDN) to showcase the local event to the user.

This campaign is 14-28 days long, usually, with this package, we project to reach up to 300,000 people where you can expect anywhere between 75,000 - 100,000+ video views increase.


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