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Spotify collaborative playlists - 80

Reach legions of new grassroot fans with our comprehensive database of Spotify collaborative playlists - 80 to be exact!


  • Collaborative playlisting is a hugely underrated and untapped avenue for artists to promote their music. Through such organic marketing efforts, your songs will be streamed by music seekers and discerning tastemakers. Depending on the quality, listeners may choose to save your music, interact with your artist profile, or even add it to their own playlists.

  • The number of followers on our 80 playlists total up to over 40,000 and rising steadily everyday. We only include your song on all-genre playlists and/or those matching your genre. You can expect your track to remain on the playlists for at least 2-4 weeks.

    $124.00 Regular Price
    $80.00Sale Price