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Music Publicity

music pr agency

Our music pr agency grow with our clients and have had our clients featured on a host of websites, television channels, and radio stations. We have also
booked live events and performances for artists on tours and festivals like SXSW, A3C and during big sporting weekends like the Super
Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend.

In addition to placement within the media and live events, we focus on teaching our clients how to navigate the world of media, training them
with practice interviews as we promote their most recent piece of content with clean and well-written press releases.

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Currently, we have about 70 different Hip-Hop websites that can post our client’s music and we have over 75 different TV channels that have picked up on our client's music videos, we are one of the best music pr companies out there for publicity.
Regardless of your goal, we know you will be better off than before we started working and growth eventually will lead to success and
making a profitable business. We look forward to growing with you and helping you grow your fan base.


What to expect?

How do we work and what to expect?

music marketing agency

These strategic PR and marketing campaigns are perfect for artists who are looking for results. The artists who are in it for the long haul. It is for the artist who understands that it takes more time to build.


When breaking an up-and-coming artist into the music industry, we use Comprehensive Press Releases, Premium Blog Features, and an array of other marketing strategies. These are all vital to bringing awareness to the artist’s music and brand. 

Guaranteed web placements in; The Source, XXLMag, HipHopDX, The HypeMag, XXL Paper Magzine Placement, TripleHQ, and much more... 

Every site has their own taste in terms of what they will post, but usually, we can get up to 40-50 different sites to post our client’s music. There are times where larger sites may not want to post a record due to the amount of time the record has been out, so newer records work better, especially if you want to secure a premiere. 


Please make sure to contact us using the form below so that we can set up the campaign exactly for your needs and work on the downsides for your music to make the campaign as effective as possible.

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With thousands of global campaigns built for record labels, PR agencies, and independent artists, we’ve learned the nuances of developing complex campaigns.