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Spotify Pre-Save


1 Month

Our standard campaign duration is 1 month, however, to get the most out of our services we recommend committing to a 3 month long campaign.


This way, our team can work with you to better understand your goals and create a tailored strategy to help you reach them.


You can choose the duration of the campaign that best fits your needs and budget.

About The Service

About The Service

WMR Media's Spotify Pre-Save Ads with Feature.FM is a powerful solution for artists looking to gain traction on Spotify. Our Pre-Save Ads trigger Spotify's algorithms and potentially pop your song into various algorithmic playlists, increasing visibility and exposure to a wider audience.

When your song gets a ton of saves or playlists on day one, Spotify takes notice and triggers their algorithms, potentially placing your song in algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly, Radio, Your Daily Mix, Release Radar, and more. Additionally, the more saves your song gets, the more likely a Spotify playlist editor will add it to a playlist, increasing your chances of reaching new listeners.

With, we have the functionality to select which Spotify objects fans will be encouraged to follow after Pre-saving, giving us the ability to tailor the service to your specific needs and target the right audience.

Our minimum budget to start an advertising campaign is $1,000, with a minimum of $30 ad spend per day.

We charge a fee based on the total budget of the campaign:

  • $1,000 - $10,000 - 30% management fee,

  • $15,000+ - 25% management fee.

For example, if you spend $1,000, we will use $700 for your advertising campaign, and $300 will be our management fee.

With WMR Media's Spotify Pre-Save Ads with Feature.FM service, you can potentially increase your visibility on Spotify, gain new fans, and grow your audience.


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