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Get your music onto the best Spotify playlists. WMR Media provides tools to help you promote your music and pitch Spotify playlisters and curators.

WMR Media Spotify services gets your music where it matters, with our music promotion service we offer the best places to have your music featured on top rated playlists globally.

WMR Media Spotify services is industry leading, with campaigns which have had artists placed on playlists with up to 500,000 followers.

Most people discover their music on Spotify primarily through playlists, the Discover Weekly’s and the Spotify algorithm.

Record labels now believe Spotify is one of the most vital platforms to determine the success of an artist.


Looking to increase your monthly listeners organically... Look no further! 

We specialize in helping record labels and playlist curators find the best new unsigned and undiscovered artists.  

How do we do that?  Through marketing and advertising to a wide audience on different major music platforms and websites.  We increase the Artist's Spotify presence as well as overall social media presence by our Industry famous Monthly Listener Viral Campaigns.  The more listeners the more streams obviously.  We increase the monthly listeners through viral ads and place them on major Music Platforms such as Deezer, Shazam, and Instagram.  It's organic and attracts real listeners and followers. 

We do offer two different types of campaigns - One that focuses on Spotify Monthly Listeners while the other focuses on gaining new Spotify Followers!  

Our smallest campaign brings in about 15,000 NEW Monthly Listeners!  What does that mean?  MORE STREAMS!  YESSSSSS.  Who doesn't want more streams on their music? 
Please understand that we DO NOT guarantee a number of streams!  We do not know who will click on the ads and who will listen in as these are organic listeners.  
The only thing we CAN do is give you a projected number of streams based on other campaigns that we have done.   They could be more and they could be less. 

We have different campaigns for every artist, contact us today to see which is the best for you!


Any company who guarantees streams is MORE THAN LIKELY.. FAKE NEWS!
Don't Settle for less... Work with the Best!  
How do I begin?  How do I start this?... HELP!!! 
Just submit below and one of us here will get back to you ASAP!