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Spotify Marketing

Spotify Marketing

Playlisting Campaign

Not every Music Marketing Agency is created equal.

At WMR Music Group, we know that the best results come from having the right people with the right playlist and audience to get the desired results.


Our Music Marketing Agency team has more than 50+ in-house curated playlists and a network of partners with different playlists, which is why each client is matched with the right playlist to help them achieve their goals.


Having worked with other music marketing companies our proven strategies will set your music for wild success.

Spotify Promotion

How we are taking advantage of Spotify and building artists careers 

Get your music onto the best Spotify playlists. WMR Media provides tools to help you promote your music and pitch Spotify playlists and curators.

WMR Media Music Marketing Agency services get your music where it matters, with an organic Spotify promotion service we offer the best places to have your music featured on top-rated playlists globally.

WMR Media Spotify services are industry-leading, with campaigns that have had artists placed on playlists with up to 500,000 followers. Most people discover their music on Spotify primarily through playlists, the Discover Weekly, and the Spotify algorithm.


Record labels now believe Spotify is one of the most vital platforms to determine the success of an artist.

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With thousands of global campaigns built for record labels, PR agencies, and independent artists, we’ve learned the nuances of developing complex campaigns.

Spotify Ads

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Spotify Ad Campaigns with Feature.FM

Our new Spotify Ad Campaign via Facebook and Feature.FM landing page which not only will grow your streams but most importantly will grow your Spotify Profile!


This Ad Campaign will do the following:

  • Get your followers up 

  • Engage with new people on Facebook 

  • Collect Fan Emails

Fan emails are one of the most kept secrets for artists, you can use those emails to then re-target them to sell your merch, sell your albums, announce new music and so much more!

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Fan relationship management tools that

scale with your 'audience

  • Real-time analytics

  • Fan retargeting

  • First and third party fan data

  • Fan engagement insights

Real-time audience insights

  • Pre-save, pre-add or pre-order

  • Smart links to all major services

  • Action pages

  • Fan CRM database

Market smarter, not harder; automate and optimize campaigns

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