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Cameron Airborne was mentioned in Lyrical Lemonade, The Source, All Hip Hop & more.

Campaign Overview

South Florida's Cameron Airborne is a fastest-rising Hip-Hop artist based in Palm Beach, Florida. Originally from  Long Island, New York, Cameron moved to "The Sunshine State," at the age of 9,  after his parent's divorce.  It was during this time that Cameron began to gravitate towards music and Cameron initially found a lane in music as a guitarist for a rock band in his early adolescent years.

First, when Cameron signed up with WMR we worked on his video Cameron Airborne X Bruno Mali - Been There for which we helped Cameron to get from 45,000 video views up to 130,000 video views in less than a week! Which was a great start for our relationship together for great success!


We continued to work on many other releases that helped to discover Cameron's musical skills with our teams' marketing and PR expertise. 

Campaign Outcome

We have helped and worked together with Cameron on multiple releases like Cameron Airborne X Bruno Mali - Been There which is now at 130,000 Video Views on YouTube.

Our next project March 2020, was his release Cameron Airborne - Rock Out which got him 45,000+ YouTube views.

The next big project that we worked hard and gained mass recognition was his biggest single yet featuring Jackboy & Cameron Airborne - No Cuffing which was premiered on May 9th and is currently at 1,083,347 views on YouTube.

In the Andrew Colton directed music video, listeners get a hazy and psychedelic visual to go along with Cameron Airborne's catchy Summer bop. 


"The beat was a collaborative track with K.E. on the Track. He laced up the beat and I got Jackboy on there for the hook too. It's just really catchy, we shot the video for the track and it just a had kind of club or pop vibe to it. It's definitely a summer song and it's very upbeat and kind of fast-paced, it def keeps the head nodding."


Combing elements of guitar and singing, Cameron Airborne has found a lane doing his own thing combining it all with rap after performing in a band early on in his career.

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No Cuffing was premiered on AllHipHop, The Source and it was TRENDING on Lyrical LemonadeThis release was featured in 30+ other music blogs and sites which was a huge success!

Of course, we didn't stop there and we continued to work on other projects, where one of Cameron's latest releases reached major press sites and got recognition which leads to more than 130,000 YouTube Views in less than 2 weeks.

His last release featuring Caskey & Doobie - Past Life has passed 100,000 Video Views on YouTube and was mentioned in high profile music websites like The Source, All HipHop, and many more!

Cameron releases the psychedelic animated

visual for his new track "Past Life"  featuring Doobie and Caskey


Combining elements of animation and trippy visual graphics, Cameron Airborne trips on some acid in his house while playing video games and smoking out with some stallions.


As the graphics go crazy for the viewers, Caskey and Doobie come alive on Cam's video game while the two rap their verses in cartoon mode via the Colton Visuals directed video. 

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