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Eye on Eyez

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Collaboration project with Eye On Eyez on his lead single Bruce Wayne.

Campaign Overview

Producer Eye on Eyez is one of the most mysterious artists out there. Growing up in a blue collar family, his way into music was anything but predetermined. With no real support from his parents, the New York based newcomer had to do janitorial work at night just to pay the bills and keep his dream alive.

On Spotify Campaign we partnered together with Producer Eye on Eyez on the single ‘Bruce Wayne‘ which has passed well over 1.5 Million streams.

Eye on Eyez is one of the most mysterious artists out there, who has produced songs for artists like Gucci Mane – Polar Bear.

Campaign Outcome

When we started the campaign the song was already at 900,000 streams.

With our help, we landed it in multiple Spotify Independent Playlists which was placed on playlists totaling of 150,000 followers reach and did hundreds of streams daily.

We also did Spotify Ad Campaign, we did 3 different campaigns

Worldwide - We did reach 188,064 people which resulted in 22,281 link clicks
Europe - We reached 97,328 people which resulted in 15,540 link clicks
The United States - Reached 61,184 people which resulted in 11,885 click

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