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Collaboration project with Spiros World on his single ''Red Light Green Light'' ft Tommy Boi Wayne

success story

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1,000,000 YouTube Video Views In 30 Days

Our team did a successful campaign for Spirosworld and we achieved a big milestone of 1,000,0000 YouTube video views in less than 30 days. 

Campaign Breakdown:

5,000,0000+ Video Impressions

1,000,000+ YouTube Views

5,500+ Video Likes 

2,000+ Subscribers

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It's Time To Level Up!

Reach New Listeners

By using our YouTube Advertising Campaign we will make sure to reach new listeners

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With our campaigns, your YouTube channel is set for consistent fanbas growth

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There will be lots of new potential listeners who will engage with your music

Promote Your YouTube Release With Us

Our team works with each artist and his campaign on a personal level and we will find the best solution to build your campaign based on your artist persona online

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