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Lil Dubaii


100,000 Spotify Streams
55+ Playlist Adds
69,000 Monthly Listeners


- Spotify Marketing Campaign


Atlanta, GA, USA

Services Delivered

Who Is Dubaii


Lil Dubaii, an Atlanta-based rapper, songwriter, and musician, started his music journey at the age of 6. He developed his passion for music in high school, where he enrolled in a music production class to learn beat production. During his sophomore year, Lil Dubaii began rapping over his beats, developing his signature style. His music has often been described as "trippy" and "melodramatic," and his style ranges from underground to mainstream. Lil Dubaii's unique sound has caught the attention of listeners and critics alike.


Lil Dubaii aimed to promote his latest album "Who Is Dubaii" through a Spotify Marketing Campaign. The campaign sought to increase the number of Spotify streams, playlist adds, and monthly listeners.


  1. Collaboration: We worked closely with Lil Dubaii to create an effective marketing campaign for his album "Who Is Dubaii."

  2. Playlist Outreach: We pitched the album to over 55 Spotify playlists, ensuring a good fit and increasing its visibility and reach.

  3. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: We kept Lil Dubaii informed about the campaign's progress, providing regular updates on key performance indicators and overall performance.


  • 100,000+ Spotify streams

  • 55+ playlist adds

  • 69,000 monthly listeners

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Spotify streams

  • Playlist adds

  • Monthly listeners


Our Spotify Marketing Campaign for Lil Dubaii's "Who Is Dubaii" album was highly successful in achieving its goals. By collaborating closely with the artist and effectively promoting the album on various playlists, we significantly increased the album's streams, playlist adds, and monthly listeners. The campaign's success was evident as the album crossed the 45,000 stream mark in less than 15 days, landing it on Spotify's Algorithmic playlists, which then picked up the entire album release and generated over 100,000 streams organically. The most-streamed song from the album was "Endurance," which currently has 45,000 streams and is Lil Dubaii's #1 streamed song on his Spotify catalog.

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