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Noble Lyfe

Stella, Jalepeno & Dance Off

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Noble Lyfe is a Brooklyn native that has lived in various parts of New York throughout his life, curating his diverse and unique sound. After the release of Noble Lyfe's song "Stella", people started to show him some attention seeing as how his "feel good" vibe seamlessly mixed with his sense of humor and confidence created a refreshing sound.

Campaign Outcome:

600,000 Spotify Streams across 3 songs
300+ New Spotify Playlist Adds
Spotify Algorithmical Playlists
75,000 Monthly Listeners
50,000+ YouTube Video Views

Noble Lyfe

Services Delivered:

YouTube Advertising
Spotify Advertising

Noble Lyfe is our long term clienet and we started working with him and his team back in 2019 on his single ''Stella'' which has now just over 200,000 Spotify Streams.

We have also worked on his other singles - ''Jalpeno'' which has 100,000 Spotify streams and the most succesfull one ''Dance Off' which has more than 300,000 Spotify Streams and 35,000 YouTube Video Views.

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