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Noble Lyfe


600,000 Spotify Streams across 3 songs
300+ New Spotify Playlist Adds
Spotify Algorithmical Playlists
75,000 Monthly Listeners
50,000+ YouTube Video Views


YouTube Advertising
Spotify Advertising


Brooklyn, NY, USA

Services Delivered

Stella, Jalepeno & Dance Off


Noble Lyfe, a Brooklyn native, has lived in various parts of New York throughout his life, curating a diverse and unique sound. His feel-good vibe, sense of humor, and confidence create a refreshing sound that has caught the attention of listeners. Noble Lyfe's popular songs include "Stella," "Jalapeño," and "Dance Off."


Our team at WMR Media began working with Noble Lyfe and his team in 2019, focusing on promoting his singles through YouTube and Spotify advertising. The marketing campaign's main components were:

  1. Playlist placements: Adding Noble Lyfe's songs to various playlists to increase his reach and visibility to a broader audience.

  2. YouTube advertising: Creating targeted YouTube ads to promote the music videos and reach potential listeners.

  3. Spotify advertising: Leveraging Spotify's ad platform to run targeted campaigns, reaching users based on their listening habits and preferences.

  4. Social media promotion: Engaging with fans, sharing updates on the campaign's progress, and encouraging user-generated content, such as sharing the songs or adding them to their playlists.


The marketing campaign for Noble Lyfe's songs has achieved the following outcomes:

  • 600,000 total Spotify streams across the three songs

    • "Stella": 200,000+ streams

    • "Jalapeño": 100,000+ streams

    • "Dance Off": 300,000+ streams and 35,000 YouTube video views

  • 300+ new Spotify playlist adds

  • Inclusion in Spotify algorithmic playlists

  • 75,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

  • 50,000+ total YouTube video views


Noble Lyfe's marketing campaign has been successful in increasing his online presence and expanding his fan base. By focusing on playlist placements, targeted advertising on YouTube and Spotify, and social media promotion, the campaign has effectively reached a larger audience, leading to significant streaming numbers and listener growth across platforms.

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