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You Can Now List Virtual Events on Spotify

Spotify Virtual Events
We’re making it easy for your fans to tune in wherever you are and wherever they are.

Over the past six months, in the wake of COVID-19, we’ve seen artists adapt and innovate in incredible ways. In lieu of live shows, staging virtual performances across a variety of platforms has become a vital way to connect with your fans, and share who you are with new listeners.

With many tours postponed until 2021, the necessity for these virtual events is set to continue, and we want to make it easy for Spotify listeners to learn about virtual events for the artists they love, as well as artists they’re discovering for the very first time. In light of this, we’ve leveraged our partnership with Songkick—the live stream concert discovery app—and Ticketmaster to make it happen. Starting today, all Spotify listeners will be able to find virtual event listings on artist profiles and in the Concerts hub.

So, this means if you have an upcoming event you want Spotify to share with listeners, you should work through Songkick to get these events listed (there is no way to list the event directly through Spotify for Artists). A select number of Ticketmaster events will also be automatically listed on Spotify.

As long as the shows are listed through these partners, the virtual event itself can be hosted on a multitude of platforms—Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, a hosted website, or wherever you want. And once these events are on Spotify, it’s easier than ever for listeners to find them. You can set your virtual event as your Artist Pick, so listeners will see it at the top of your profile. We’ll also be emailing out personalized virtual events recommendations to listeners for artists they love (or we think they’ll love) to help get the word out. Interested in seeing it for yourself? It’s easier than ever to find the Concerts hub, just plug "Concerts" into the search bar.

Ready to start planning your next virtual event? Check out our best practices for livestreaming from home to get started.


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