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  • Pro Artist Package

Pro Artist Package


The Ultimate Platform for Established Artists

Take your music to the next level with the Pro Artist Package.

  • Music Blog Publishing: Your music will be submitted to 50 selected blogs, including some high-profile platforms, with placement guaranteed on at least 3 blogs.
  • Spotify Advertising: A premium Spotify ad campaign will be created, managed, and optimized for 4 weeks, ensuring a minimum of 30,000 streams.
  • YouTube Advertising: A premium YouTube ad campaign will be created, managed, and optimized for 4 weeks, guaranteeing 15,000 - 20,000 views.
  • Article News Writing: A premium press release about your new song will be composed and shared within our highest-quality network.
  • Music Promotion on Instagram: Your music will be featured on 3 chosen Instagram pages, each with over 200,000 followers, including some of the most prestigious pages.
  • Music Video Repurposing: Your music video will be repurposed for all three major platforms: TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts.
  • Q1: How can I trust this service is legitimate?
    A1: We're a reputable music marketing agency with a track record of satisfied clients. We'll provide you with reports and insights on your campaign's performance.

    Q2: How do you submit my music to blogs?
    A2: We have established relationships with numerous music blogs and we submit your music directly to them for consideration.

    Q3: What's the duration of the package?
    A3: Each package has different durations for its services. Generally, the duration ranges from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the package selected.

    Q4: Do you offer refunds?
    A4: Our aim is to ensure client satisfaction. However, due to the nature of the services, we cannot offer refunds once the work has started.

    Q5: How does the music video repurposing work?
    A5: We take your original music video and reformat it to fit the requirements of TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube shorts, depending on the package you select. This helps your content reach wider audiences on multiple platforms.

    Q6: How many streams/views can I expect from the advertising campaigns?
    A6: The estimated number of streams/views depends on the package chosen. Please refer to the package descriptions for specific numbers.

    Q7: How are the Instagram pages for music promotion selected?
    A7: We select Instagram pages based on their follower count, engagement rates, and relevancy to your music style.

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