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What we do?

WMR Music Group is focused on artist growth, and delivering exceptional results and creative campaigns that are guaranteed to attract the listener's eyes and ears. Our team consists of the music industry's professionals, the best creative team, and digital marketing experts. 


WMR Music Group prioritizes the needs of each client and each campaign. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services. We are a culture of thinkers and doers who have been bringing our clients’ music into the spotlight since 2016. We work closely with every artist to create solid strategies that will produce measurable results.

Release Strategy  Planning
Campaign Management 

 Branding   Social Media

Events Content    Spotify Marketing

How we are changing the Music Marketing Industry and building artists careers 

WMR Music Group is a new and fast-growing Music PR Agency that was started by 2 young entrepreneurs. WMR Music Group is a company that works not only up-and-coming artists that have but also with major and established artists and we all share a common mission - be seen and heard.

We have established our selves by helping hundreds of independent and signed artists by working on their Spotify Campaigns, YouTube Campaigns & Publicity Campaigns.

Our team consists of different music industry experts, WMR has become one of the fastest-growing music marketing agencies in the world. Our team consists of top-level digital marketers, publicists, graphic designers, and consultants that are all focused to deliver high-end campaigns to our clients and partners. 

Clients &


Some of our biggest clients that we have worked with and helped in different collaboration projects since 2016

Recent Campaigns

Our unique and creative approach is why we've been in such high

demand since we opened our doors in 2016.

More than 50,000,000 streams fulfilled for clients

More than 500+ clients onboarded

25+ Celebrities served

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With thousands of global campaigns built for record labels, PR agencies, and independent artists, we’ve learned the nuances of developing complex campaigns.

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